Labels can be applied to issues and merge requests. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
  • Analysis
    An issue or MR that needs expert analysis to determine what to do next
  • Bug
    Contradictions or errors in the standard
  • Build
    Any issue relevant to the repository infrastructure, CI or document toolchains
  • Concept
    An issue that is being detailed out through expert discussion and offline work
  • Documentation
    Issue only impacts the specification documentation and has no impact on the model or code
  • Duplicate
    This issue has already been raised or was already solved
  • Feature
    Proposals which enhance the standard or add additional features
  • GeneralQuestion
    General questions about the documentation, work-flow or anything related to the standard
  • Implementation
    An issue or MR that has a concise concept that is ready to be implemented (either in the form of technical documentation, code writing or model development)
    Backwards incompatible changes
    Backwards compatible changes
  • NeedsCCBReview
    Indicates that this MR is ready for merge by a CCB member
    Backwards compatible bug fixes
  • ReadyToMerge
    This MR has been reviewed and approved and is ready to merge.
  • Review
    This is an issue that was created as part of a project review phase
  • WontFix
    This is most likely not going to be addressed