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title OpenSCENARIO 2.0 Project Plan
title ASAM Test Specification Study Group Plan
dateFormat YYYY-MM-DD
section Domain Model
Core Domain Model:a1, 2020-06-01, 270d
Extensibility Guidelines:2021-01-01,120d
Ontology:2020-06-01, 300d
section DSL
Decide on a DSL foundation for OSC:2020-06-01,120d
Datatypes (basic):2020-07-01,120d
Datatypes (compound):2020-07-01,180d
Language Reference Manual:2020-12-01,150d
section Usage & Pragmatics
Scenario Creation Workflow Guidelines:2020-06-01,240d
Abstraction/Concretization Guidelines for DSL:2020-06-01,120d
Library Concepts:2021-01-01,150d
Test Design Workflow:2020-11-01,180d
section Feature Subset
Definition:f2,after f1,90d
Validation:after f2,60d
section Coordination
Migration guidelines 1.x <-> 2.0:2021-01-01,120d
section Review
Project :crit,2021-04-01,30d
Public :crit,2021-05-01,31d
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axisFormat %b-%y
section Deliverables
Define use cases:2020-11-01,80d
Define workflows:2020-12-01,80d
Identify further actions:2021-01-01,60d
Review :milestone, m1, 2021-03-01, 1d
Release :milestone, m2, 2021-03-23, 1d
section Collaboration
Identify partners:a1, 2020-11-01, 20d
Setup agreements:after a1,20d
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=== Timeline
The work packages shall be carried out as per the following time schedule:
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