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......@@ -64,11 +64,12 @@ WP DM-Ontology - Develop ontology to establish relations between entities
==== Language Core
===== WP Temporal Aspects (TC_Temporal)
Involved: Matthias Büker, Rich Heidtman, Yoav Hollander, Hardi Hungar
===== Syntax and Semantics
The following goals are pursued by this work package:
[...] In particular the language semantics should be clearly and unambigously defined. In order to achieve this, it is important to define how actors, actions, modifiers and events are used to form atomic phases and how possible semantic unambiguities are resolved. This also includes how conditions can be used to define events (raising/falling edge, etc) and which expressiveness we allow (compared e.g. to temporal logic languages). Furthermore, the exact semantics of temporal composition operators like serial, parallel and mix need to be defined. Another important aspect is how to combine the two different approaches of specifying behavior on a declarative way (like intended for OpenScenario 2.0) and the more execution/command-oriented way of OpenScenario 1.0 that still should be supported.
====== Substantiate and integrate concept of events
* Refine definitions of events (if needed)
* How exactly can conditions be used to define events (raising/falling edge, etc)?
......@@ -102,3 +103,4 @@ The following goals are pursued by this work package:
====== Relationship to temporal logic languages
* In which contexts should it be possible to use temporal logic langauges? Only to specify conditions for events?
* Do we pre-define allowed languages or do we allow arbitrary langauges? How should this exactly work?
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