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......@@ -155,14 +155,14 @@ This WP will address the ability of adding and removing entities for the standar
[cols="1,5",caption='WP {counter:wp1}: ']
| *Description* |
| *Responsibles* |
| *Deliverable* |
| *Effort* |
| *Service Provider* |
| *Description* | Create and document the workflow/process for the scenario creation (based on all use cases)
| *Responsibles* | F. Bock
| *Deliverable* | Unified process for the scenario creation workflow, that covers all use cases mentioned in the use case section of the concept project document. The resulting process should be based on already existing workflows and incorporate the input from all working group members. Process documentation should use a common format (such as, e.g., UML).
| *Effort* | 50
| *Service Provider* | Assistance with the creation of the process diagram, polishing.
[cols="1,5",caption='WP {counter:wp1}: ']
| *Description* |
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