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Company,Location,Commitment,Participant(s),Participant Email,Participant Phone
Company,Location,Commitment,Participant(s),Participant Email,Participant Phone
ANSYS,France,36,Luca Costantino; Bernhard Kaiser,;, +33-7-82-89-97-88; +49-30-348-0770
Applied Intuition,USA,15,Romain Kuntz,,+49 157 357 09475
APTIV,USA,60,Rich Heidtman,, 810.599.8909
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@ Daimler AG,Germany,,Jupp Tscheak,,,USA,10,Nicola Croce,,17667675
Denso,Germany,25,Nicolas Ochoa Lleras,, (0)8165-944-440
dSPACE,Germany,35,Michael Kluge;Patrick Bouillon,;,
FiveAI,UK,50,Iain Whiteside; Alex Heavens; Fran Sanchez,;;,
Foretellix,Israel,70,Gil Amid; Sharon Rosenberg; Yoav Hollander; Ronen Hadar,;;;,
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