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| *Description* | Concretization or Concretion processes should explain and define reasons for why an abstract scenario intentionally does not define all dimensions and values (i.e. so they can later be optimized or explained by a supporting ODD to be made concrete.)
| *Description* | Definitions for Scenario Abstraction Levels that are discretely defined clear semantics.
| *Responsibles* |
| *Deliverable* | Documentation & guidelines on transitioning between different degrees of scenario abstraction. Requirements to Language Concepts WPs.
| *Responsibles* | Rich Heidtman
| *Deliverable* | Establish abstraction concepts using parameters, constraints and scenarios. Detail concepts of scenario mixing.
Define Rules Abstraction to differentiate between Levels of Abstraction (i.e. including: Scenario Fragment, Scenario Summary, Functional Scenario, dimensions of test, Abstract Scenario, Logically Abstract Scenario, Logical Scenario, Concrete Scenario and mixed Scenarios through compilation).
Define Rules for Concretion to establish clear semantics for acceptable parameter / constraint definitions, set to a single value to be used for testing and simulators that are machine readable.
Define what types of scenarios can be used for testing and define how / what inputs should be used for turn key execution.
Define logical methods for when scenarios can be mixed and when they cannot.
| *Effort* | 50
| *Service Provider* |
| *Service Provider* | Documentation of Scenario Abstraction parts of the specification. ~25% of effort.
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