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*The standardization project should enable partial support of the standard.* This on the one hand allows companies to step by step improve their compatibility to the standard and on the other hand enables proper selection of project partners.
image:../images/featureSets.png["Feature Sets Proposal"]
.A Proposal for featuresets in OpenSCENARIO 2.0
image::featureSets.png["Feature Sets Proposal"]
The __feature sets__ proposed in picture <<feature_sets_image>> might be an option for a segmentation of the standard to achieve partial support. It has still to be discussed how those __feature sets__ should be defined and how they can be integrated in the standard. If a separate working group will be defined to tackle those questions, a close interaction with at least the domain model, the use cases and the language working groups is highly advisable. The definition of a __core feature set__ might be helpful to define a basis all supporting parties commit to.
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A breakdown of the project into individual work packages and the corresponding effort required to complete them. Effort should be given in man-hours.
[cols="1,5",caption='WP {counter:wp1}: ']
|*Description* | Temporal aspects of the OpenSCENARIO 2.0 language and its execution
| *Responsibles* | M. Büker, R. Heidtman, Y. Hollander, H. Hungar
|*Deliverable* | Full description of the temporal aspects of the language, including formal model if any
| *Effort* |Estimated work effort to complete this WP.
| *Service Provider* | Tasks to be performed by a service provider. Also estimate the % of total effort for this WP.
[cols="1,5",caption='WP {counter:wp1}: ']
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