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[cols="1,5",caption='WP {counter:wp1}: ']
|*Description* a| Language constructs for coverage, measurements and KPIs
| *Responsibles* | Rich Heidtman
|*Deliverable* |
| *Effort* |
|*Description* a| OpenSCENARIO 2.0 introduces the concept of coverage.
This WP shall provide language constructs allowing collection of data during runtime. The data will enable verifying verification goals, analysis of execution as well as multi-run analyses.
Similarly, this work package shall provide the constructs to measure certain variables that may be of interest for the user, allowing the definition of KPIs and success criteria to automatically report whether a specific simulation was (or not) successful.
Language constructs for coverage, measurements and KPIs
| *Responsibles* | Rich Heidtman, Joan Roca, Ronen Hadar
|*Deliverable* | Full semantic description for the definition of mechanisms to define coverage parameters, parameters to be measured (logged) and the definition of user-defined KPIs.
| *Effort* | 100 man-days
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