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|*Description* | Develop ontology to establish relations between entities
|*Description* | Use ontology-engineering techniques to create a logic-based specification of the OSC2.0 Domain Model
| *Responsibles* | S. Kraines, F. Sanchez, I. Whiteside, P. Parekh
|*Deliverable* | Extension of the entity definition delivered by WP DM-Extend2x with an ontology that describes relations between the entities to enable inferrment.
| *Effort* | 60
|*Deliverable* |
- extensions of entity definitions developed under WP DM-Extend2x using concepts and relationships from the OpenX Ontology
- guidelines for how to use semantic inference to classify and match scenario descriptions based on their meaning
- guidelines for how to implement computer reasoning to identify semantic errors in scenario definitions
- guidelines for how to use computer reasoning to assist people in creating abstract-level scenarios that are complete and logically coherent
| *Effort* | 100
| *Service Provider* | Tasks to be performed by a service provider. Also estimate the % of total effort for this WP.
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