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......@@ -84,6 +84,9 @@ Finally, the overall semantics of the language should be clearly and unambigousl
Also included is the definition of the exact semantics of temporal composition operators like serial, parallel and mix. Another important aspect is how to combine the two different approaches of specifying behavior: a) the declarative way (like intended for OpenScenario 2.0) and b) the more execution/command-oriented way of OpenScenario 1.0 (that still should be supported)."
===== Considerations for 1.x
===== Library Concepts and Packaging (scenario definition & scenario execution)
===== Measurement and Success Criteria
This section will outline the OpenScenario 2.0 features used to collect and classify information during scenario execution. The collected information will be used to evaluate the quality and extent of the verification process, as well as the performance of the "ego" actor.
......@@ -94,3 +97,4 @@ Language properties for grading and classifying collected information will be de
The section will also describe language constructs for checking. These include assertions over Boolean and temporal properties, expressed using Boolean expressions and compound scenarios. Mechanisms for handling illegal values and assertion violations shall be provided, allowing the classification of errors (distinguishing between scenario failures, ego performance issues, ego failures and so on).
===== Siddartha's Paragraphs
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