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Update BMW contact

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......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ APTIV,USA,60,Rich Heidtman,
Audi,Germany,25,Florian Bock,
AVL List GmbH,Austria,25,Jürgen Krasser; Mirko Bulaja,;
Beijing Saimo Technology Co. Ltd.,China,25,Xue Xiaoqing,
BMW AG,Germany,25,Andreas Rauschert; Clemens Habedank (on behalf),;
BMW AG,Germany,25,Andreas Rauschert; Clemens Habedank; Stanislav Braun,;;
BTC Embedded Systems AG, Germany,37,Matthias Büker,
CATARC,China,30,Qidong Zhao; Chen Chen,;
CARLA Simulator,Germany,10, Guillermo Lopez; Fabian Oboril,;
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