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|*Description* | Compound types for OpenSCENARIO 2.0
This WP will address the semantic description of the compound datatypes (structs, actors, scenarios, lists etc.). It will also describe the generic capabilities of these datatypes: Ability to precisely define allowed generatable sub types, ability to freely extend any type in a modular way (so as to enhance / restrict it), and so on.
| *Responsibles* | Y. Hollander
|*Deliverable* | Semantic description of the definition, inheritance and extensiblity mechanisms for all compound data types of the OpenSCENARIO 2.0 language. Input for LC-Syntax on syntax aspects of the compound data types.
| *Effort* |Estimated work effort to complete this WP.
| *Service Provider* | Tasks to be performed by a service provider. Also estimate the % of total effort for this WP.
| *Effort* | 100 man-days
| *Service Provider* | Documentation of compound types parts of the specification. ~25% of effort.
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