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DM-Extensibility, LC-BasicTypes
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......@@ -37,10 +37,13 @@ A breakdown of the project into individual work packages and the corresponding e
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|*Description* | Basic data types for OpenSCENARIO 2.0
| *Responsibles* | Y. Hollander
This WP will address the semantic description of the basic generic datatypes (integers, booleans, floats, enums), domain specific physical types (such as speed, distance and angle) with their corresponding units. We will talk about implicit and explicit type conversions.
| *Responsibles* | Sharon Rosenberg
|*Deliverable* | Semantic description of the definition of all basic, i.e. non-compound data types of the OpenSCENARIO 2.0 language. Input for LC-Syntax on syntax aspects of the basic data types.
| *Effort (Man-days)* |Estimated work effort to complete this WP.
| *Service Provider* | Tasks to be performed by a service provider. Also estimate the % of total effort for this WP.
| *Effort (Man-days)* | 100
| *Service Provider* | Documentation of basic types parts of the specification. ~25% of effort.
......@@ -121,11 +124,14 @@ This WP will address the necessary ways of packaging functionality into librarie
[cols="1,5",caption='WP {counter:wp1}: ']
|*Description* | Develop technical concept for extensibility of Domain Model
|*Description* | Domain model extensibility capabilities for OpenSCENARIO 2.0
This WP will address the ability of adding and removing entities for the standard domain-model
| *Responsibles* | S. Rosenberg
|*Deliverable* | Technical concept to enable standard-conform extensions of the Domain Model. This should cover special features that can be introduced by single users, but may be extended towards bigger feature sets that a whole user-group agrees upon.
| *Effort (Man-days)* | 40
| *Service Provider* | Tasks to be performed by a service provider. Also estimate the % of total effort for this WP.
|*Deliverable* | Description of how to add entities (attributes, actor, action, etc.) to the design model and how to leverage the modified model for user specific scenarios and coverage,
| *Effort (Man-days)* | 20
| *Service Provider* | Documentation of the domain model extensibility chapter . ~15% of effort.
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