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......@@ -83,6 +83,17 @@ A breakdown of the project into individual work packages and the corresponding e
| *Service Provider* | Tasks to be performed by a service provider. Also estimate the % of total effort for this WP.
.WP DM-AbstractionRoads
| *WP Number* | DM-AbstractionRoads
| *Responsibles* | M. Kluge, J.Kaths
|*Title / Description* | Create road network domain model based on concept project proposal.
|*Deliverable* | A road network UML domain model, which provides an intuitive way of addressing elements in the network. This for example will be used to define conditions in the behavior definition, e.g. "turn right at the second 4-way junction". An ID based access with detailed knowledge of the road network content must also be possible. The abstract road network domain model should allow the usage of different map sources like OpenDRIVE in OpenSCENARIO 1.0 or HD maps.
| *Effort (Man-days)* | 30
| *Service Provider* | Finalization of the UML model draft (10%).
.WP DM-Transfer1x
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