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As stated above, the foundational concept of OpenSCENARIO 2.0 is to establish a domain specific language of a declarative nature. A declarative language describes what should happen on scenario execution (including the required parameterization/variation), rather than how to do it. A declarative language can also have a _dual interpretation_, i.e. provide a single scenario description which can be used to describe both how to make it and how to monitor that it _indeed_ happened. This is important if we want to condition some operation on the fact that some other scenario has happened before, without having to describe in detail _how_ to cause that scenario.
The Concept document is using M-SDL language to demonstrate all the concept. It is expected to examine if this language can serve as the foundation of the standard.
The Concept document used the M-SDL language for demonstration, early ASAM status updates released to provide insight into the development activity on this project may continue to do so. It is expected that features from M-SDL and other available DSLs will be analysed and modified as needed to support the OSC2.0 standard as it is developed.
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