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......@@ -61,3 +61,16 @@ WP DM-Ontology - Develop ontology to establish relations between entities
* Iain Whiteside (FiveAI) can provide a presentation on practical usage of their ontology
* UK has developed a standard (or a PAS really) called 1883 for a driving ontology (Siddhartha could help here)
* possible input as well from Steven and Florian Bock (Audi)
==== Language Concepts
===== Semantics, syntax and structure
Finally, the overall semantics of the language should be clearly and unambigously defined. In order to achieve this, it is important to define how behavior is specified by combining actors, actions, modifiers and events to atomic phases and how possible semantic unambiguities are resolved. This also includes how conditions can be used to define events (e.g. raising/falling edge, etc) and which expressiveness we allow (compared e.g. to temporal logic languages).
Also included is the definition of the exact semantics of temporal composition operators like serial, parallel and mix. Another important aspect is how to combine the two different approaches of specifying behavior: a) the declarative way (like intended for OpenScenario 2.0) and b) the more execution/command-oriented way of OpenScenario 1.0 (that still should be supported)."
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